Pi Kapp's are leaders and members of a broad array of campus organizations, impacting all aspects of Cornell and the greater Ithaca community.


Philanthropy is one of the major branches of Pi Kappa Phi. We are proud to be the only fraternal organization to own and operate our own philanthropy, Push America. Push America advocates leadership development through service of people with disabilities. Through our operations with Push America, brothers of Pi Kappa Phi are able to serve the community as well as develop irreplaceable life experiences.

Push concentrates on fundraising, volunteerism, and disability awareness. The core belief of our philanthropic efforts is not just to raise money – it is about bringing appreciation and respect to disabled individuals. It is about seeing a person for who they are, and not just for their disability.

Our chapter is proud to be thoroughly involved with Push America through fundraising events, volunteering excursions, and empathy dinners.